Flowers, herbs and veggies, oh my!

So…I bought the rest of the plants I need for my gardens in all 3 locations. This took a couple hours and it was HOT today. By the time I loaded and unloaded the 5+ flats of gorgeous, delicious fragrant annuals, herbs and veggies, it was clear a siesta was in order. After this lovely break, we had an early dinner, then I went to my community gardener friend’s house to dig up more plants because, nope, I just can’t get enough. Drove to Northwind Community Garden and as the sun set, I planted the day-lilies I had just dug. What a beautiful night! Too little time to plant what with all the plant gathering! I had hoped to at least get to the planters in the back drive at church, but lost the sun and my energy. Jim was very happy that I made us Brownie Ice Cream Sundaes since I needed something to spur me on through my evening chores: making Vegan Peanut Butter Cups for tomorrow night’s potluck, putting sheets on my bed and showering off a hot days worth of garden dirt and sunscreen. Bon soir!



One thought on “Flowers, herbs and veggies, oh my!

  1. Love the lupine picture. Despite being knocked over in the Great Waterfall Rebuild, my one bloom recovered and is slowly opening up in all its glory.

    PS: Vegan Rhubarb Crisp made for tonight.

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