TODAY I realized that my course has DAILY assignments LOL. I’m too old for school!

Assignments to date:
Who am I and Why am I Here: Introduce Yourself

Say Your Name: Edit your Title and tagline

Say Hi to the Neighbors: Find 5 new topics and 5 new blogs to follow

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to figure out 1) how to save the draft I worked on Sunday for assignment 1 before I lose it because unlike the examples I see, there is no SAVE BUTTON. FRUSTRATION. 2) how to put images with the post-I did this with an earlier post (2012!) but when I uploaded some new images to the media library, new skill, I then thought I was attaching one to my post. It is sitting on the blog under the word >image< I don’t think it’s public, maybe it IS attached to the unsaved draft. 3) I changed my theme because the other one was boring, then began to wonder if I need two blogs, one for family, crafts, recipes and such, the other for topics around my memoir, money, poverty, bankruptcy, politics, rant-a-day, foraging (for food and money) and the end of the middle class. I was going to have pages for these areas on one blog so I wouldn’t be running one falsely cheerful blog and one just-shoot-me depressing blog. Seeing that I’m 3 days behind in my assignments and my primary concern was even being able to successfully maintain a blog at all, that’ll be one blog for now. What was I thinking?

I’m going to post this, take a shower, go outside and plant some mums on a perfectly beautiful fall day. Later, I will attempt an assignment or two or three. Posting anything is a win for me. See you all back here real soon!