How do we know? Signs.

Springish Feelings

Springish Feelings

First signs. Birds singing. Just a few trills one late February morn when the sun happens to burn through the still chilled world. My pulse quickens and a smile softens my whole sleepy self as I let Mollie back in. “Birds are singing!” I say to no one in particular as I wander off to get my first cup of coffee and begin the morning routine.

The sun is warmer. Stand against a southern exposure. Soak it in. The snow and ice are melting at the edges. March 1 and the drip, drip, drip off the back porch is not rain, but ice melt running through the downspout. Birds are singing from tree to tree and yard to yard. Two black squirrels chase each other up, down and around the oak tree. More signs.

Our drive has muddy edges now. Winter shoveling has mixed in the edges of lawn with snow and ice. The driveway is a mess, but it’s also not icy, and there are dry clear spots. We can see bits of lawn around the maple and pink dogwood tree. Can crocuses be hiding just under the edge of snow? Wonderful, glorious signs of spring.


What’s up today in December?

Today was the last day of school for my second-grade grandson before winter break. Students wore their pjs and had a Polar Express-theme day ending with movie viewing. Reports are a good time was had. My sister-friend and lifesaver many times over just stopped by with a special gin delivery! We had tried a new Michgan-made brand in our gin and tonics earlier this fall and she meant to give it to me last Monday at our annual Scrabble Sisters Christmas (and my birthday) get together. Of course, this gin was no where to be found when she went to purchase it but now it is here, sitting on the end table waiting patiently for me to finish my post and get on with the cocktail hour. It’s 5:02 pm already.

So far I’ve today I’ve located bunches of pictures I want to send with some of the cards I’ll get out, hopefully before Christmas. That’s always my hope. I’ve put off running to the store to the point where now I’ve got no choice but to go to the least out of the way grocer, pick up the fewest and most urgent items and get the heck out. Did I mention it’s 5:02 on Friday night the last weekend of shopping before Christmas 2014. They just had the pace car leave the track, the gun went off, shoppers are probably backed up on our main drag through 2-3 main intersections. Yikes!

I also located the Christmas card holder, added photo display cords with little super-magnets on either side so we could actually display all the cards, especially the photo cards with my friends’ grandkids on them. So happy with my solution. I tacked these right below the ceiling so the cats can’t reach the weight that keeps them taut. My cousin is a photographer and he recommended these as a quick way to display and change out your photos. Cool, bought 5 but the house is always such chaos I hadn’t decided where was my best spot. So I’ll start with bonus card space and go from there.

Hope to do more decorating tonight, baking over the weekend, and keep celebrating that birthday which is really not until Sunday. Last year of my 50s coming up as I turn 59!
Breakfast with the family tomorrow, class at Painting with a Twist tomorrow afternoon, dinner and a movie with my husband on Sunday. I think I’ve got it covered. Oh, and right after I get back for that wacko store run, awesome Double Gin and Tonic with Two Limes, house special. Take time to smell the pine trees, hear the bells, play with the kids and sing. It’s that special time of year. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

Hello from Fly-over Country (the Mitten part)!

Welcome to my very first blog, my very first blog post! It’s a sunny May day here in mid-Michigan, which means I am not going to sit here and rant, howl or wax nostalgic about anything at all. I will be purchasing plants, digging in the dirt and creating gardens everywhere. Details when the sun sets. Happy day, world of friends!